Drug Possession Defense Attorneys

Drug Possession: Health and Safety Code Sections 11350 and 11377

The crime is defined as the unlawful possession of a controlled substance. The prosecution must prove that the defendant knew the drugs were in his or her presence, and that the substance is in fact an unlawful drug. Often the police do not obtain fingerprints from the wrapping or container the drugs are found in, providing the defense an opportunity to contest who the drugs belong to. Constitutional violations committed by the police may lead to the entire case being thrown out of court.

The consequences for the conviction of a drug crime can be very serious. Possession of drugs offenses carry the possibility of jail or even federal prison. It extremely important that you retain the legal services of an experienced San Fernando Valley criminal defense attorney who understands how to successfully defend drug crime accusations. With the proper advocacy of our attorneys, our clients often obtain a sentence of drug treatment programs instead of jail time. Successful completion of such programs often leads to the entire case being dismissed.



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