Disputes with Neighbors

Property disputes with neighbors can be sources of great tension. Some common disputes with neighbors, such as roving animals, trespassing, and boundary disputes, can be worked out easily by just talking and coming up with workable solutions. If talking doesn’t work, mediation is always an option.

Roving Animals

A common dispute between neighbors arises from pets roaming onto a neighbor’s property. In this case, be sure you know the leash laws and other animal laws that apply to your local area. If your pet is the one roaming, put it on a leash if the law so orders. If a neighbor’s pet is roaming on your property, talk to the neighbor and inform them of the leash law that applies to your local area. If you live in an area with a homeowner’s association (HOA), they may already have rules about pets that apply to the neighborhood. In this instance, consult the HOA for help in dealing with a neighbor’s roaming pets.


Another common dispute between neighbors is that one neighbor crosses another neighbor’s property to get to a fishing hole or some other location. To address this issue, you could talk to the neighbor and ask them not to cross your property. Or, you could give them a license or easement to use your property at a cost. A license is temporary permission to use your property in a specific way. An easement is permanent permission to use your property in a certain way. Some easements stay attached to the land regardless of the landowner. Riverside and Corona attorney, the McAndrew Law Firm, can assist you in creating a license or easement for aneighbor who regularly trespasses on your land.

Property Line Disputes

Often neighbors will dispute where the boundary to their property ends and begins. Some property owners may place a fence, shrubbery, or other indicator of separation on their boundary line to mark the extent of their property. Disputes arise when this boundary exceeds the actual boundary line by some measure. In some instances, if a property owner has exceeded his or her property line with some form of physical boundary, such as a fence or shrubbery, they may take that excess of land from the neighboring owner by adverse possession. Such a dispute can get complicated and is best undertaken with the help of the Riverside and Corona attorney, the McAndrew Law Firm.